Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Wise decision + Right decision= Sucessful GNH

"I have my own life to live"

"Who gives a shit"

"I hate it"

"I don't know what it actually means"

"It's a dirty game"

These answers are what we get when we ask people around about what they think is Politics. It is of a great disappointment that the citizens, youth in particular, though advanced have this very vague knowledge about Politics. They never took a step forward to know what actually is politics. Is it that dirty like people always talk about? or not that bad at all. They never realized that It is in their hands to make it dirty or a fair method to Gross National Happiness...

On the other side of the coin, the leaders never make a point to make them understand what is it all about. All their concern is on winning the title. They have spolied their own image infront of the people by themselve. I being a citizen amongst the millions other, feel that it is really important for the leaders and high officials to first remove the notion from People's mind that "Politics are Dirty" Unless this negative impression is removed from every individual's mind, there can never be 100% voting and a fair judgement.

We must realize that we got to act together, and respond to the leaders together. I have seen people voting for the candidate whom their friends and relatives had voted. The fear of minor discrimination like "what if the Party that i vote for doesn't win? I might be in loss of being discriminated" makes every individual vote for the ones whom their relatives and coleagues have voted for. The youths are too advanced that hardly few have the basic idea of how to choose a better leader.

The policy makers as well must be fair enough to think about the citizens welfare while in the process of making the policies. I would like to thank all those people (includes leaders and citizens as well) who have actively participated in the decision making process and helped nation as a whole in some way. At the same phrase i would like to add that the other section of people must also realize things and act upon it in order to achieve the goal and vision of our beloved King "GROSS NATIONAL HAPPINESS"

"I voted for the deserved"

"I'm happy because i voted for the right leader"

"I would do anything to keep our nation safe and peace. Voting was one of it"

This is what i expect to hear and i'm sure this is also what you expect to hear as well???

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