Friday, January 4, 2013

Chase a ripple

It is always said, when tears roll down your chick, it is the picture of you being sad. And when you are outspoken and laughing at your top voice, predicts that you are extremely happy. But for me it is the other way round. Tears roll down when i want to show the world that i am happy. I laugh when there are deep hidden secrets inside me. It is too complicated to understand what is life all about. Is it the things that we do everyday is called life? Or is the emotions that we tend to feel every now and then?
I look at the sun rays and try feel the warmth, i get the vibe that when life is too dark to be seen, a sunlight always break through the darkness and show us the right path. We just got to wait and wait and wait. Which of course i am not able to do. Every single individuals has their own way of judging people and life at last. I got my own philosophy. We feel that someone who knows the perfect story about you is none other than yourself....but the fact reveals that we are the most confused person among all when it is to talk about yourself. We are different and we become different with each individual we meet. Multi-personality is a defect or sickness (according to the majority of people) but actually we all are the victims of such sickness.
Happiness is just another myth that we know. You think it exist but it doesn't. Sadness has always ruled over our minds. Just because we want it. We are not at all happy with our life. Complains and demands are the usual activities of humans.
Hoping for a change and a positive change for the greenery world to live in. No complains to life and life will treat you exactly the way you want it. It will shower love and happiness if you start thinking that life is beautiful. Don't forget to thank life for what it has given to you.

Peace out. !!!

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