Monday, January 21, 2013

"Alcohol Vs Smoking" in Bhutan

Smoking was banned in the country since 2007. Why??? It affects our lungs? What about the more deadly destruction than smoking?? ALCOHOL… it was never banned… Why wasn’t it? Is it just because Government earns a huge tax from the sale of Alcohol?

Let me have straight facts… you guys tell me the reason for following destructions:

1.       Why are we having car accidents? Smoking or drinking?

2.       Why are the rape cases increasing? Smoking or Drinking?

3.       Why do we have youths getting into gang fights? Smoking or drinking?

4.       Why do we have family social dramas and Divorce? Smoking or Drinking?

The common answer you get is DRINKING. Since alcohol has this huge impact than smoking, why not restrict its sale in the country? The consumption of Alcohol has been increasing rapidly due to its non-restriction and easy-acceptability on the consumption. Bhutan calls itself a country with Gross National Happiness, but the prevailing situation that describes the alcohol impacts in the society is leading Bhutan to Gross National Harassment.

  I don’t say that we should ban Alcohol and allow Smoking. Smoking on the other side of the coin has also the negative impact on us. But it is less compared to Alcohol. All I want to say is that why can’t we realize the reality? Why can’t government once think about its citizen and not its revenue and income?


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