Monday, January 21, 2013

"Alcohol Vs Smoking" in Bhutan

Smoking was banned in the country since 2007. Why??? It affects our lungs? What about the more deadly destruction than smoking?? ALCOHOL… it was never banned… Why wasn’t it? Is it just because Government earns a huge tax from the sale of Alcohol?

Let me have straight facts… you guys tell me the reason for following destructions:

1.       Why are we having car accidents? Smoking or drinking?

2.       Why are the rape cases increasing? Smoking or Drinking?

3.       Why do we have youths getting into gang fights? Smoking or drinking?

4.       Why do we have family social dramas and Divorce? Smoking or Drinking?

The common answer you get is DRINKING. Since alcohol has this huge impact than smoking, why not restrict its sale in the country? The consumption of Alcohol has been increasing rapidly due to its non-restriction and easy-acceptability on the consumption. Bhutan calls itself a country with Gross National Happiness, but the prevailing situation that describes the alcohol impacts in the society is leading Bhutan to Gross National Harassment.

  I don’t say that we should ban Alcohol and allow Smoking. Smoking on the other side of the coin has also the negative impact on us. But it is less compared to Alcohol. All I want to say is that why can’t we realize the reality? Why can’t government once think about its citizen and not its revenue and income?


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

GO Youth Go

A youth group with a mixture of cast, color, religion...
Nothing exist that can separate, destroy or harm any of us...

It started as little as a newly born baby,
It struggled through as much as a teenager...

We meet every week to plan activities that helps nation as a whole

There are more achievements yet to be achieved!

We try and communicate as much as we can :D

Ahh.. and not to forget the recreation activities :D

But now It is strongest then ever...
As strong as the heart of a Lion..

It is always important to hold hands and lead the perfect path for each other...
Thus GYG was born...
Not to lead anyone but to walk with everyone...
The thing called "The path of Life"

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Wise decision + Right decision= Sucessful GNH

"I have my own life to live"

"Who gives a shit"

"I hate it"

"I don't know what it actually means"

"It's a dirty game"

These answers are what we get when we ask people around about what they think is Politics. It is of a great disappointment that the citizens, youth in particular, though advanced have this very vague knowledge about Politics. They never took a step forward to know what actually is politics. Is it that dirty like people always talk about? or not that bad at all. They never realized that It is in their hands to make it dirty or a fair method to Gross National Happiness...

On the other side of the coin, the leaders never make a point to make them understand what is it all about. All their concern is on winning the title. They have spolied their own image infront of the people by themselve. I being a citizen amongst the millions other, feel that it is really important for the leaders and high officials to first remove the notion from People's mind that "Politics are Dirty" Unless this negative impression is removed from every individual's mind, there can never be 100% voting and a fair judgement.

We must realize that we got to act together, and respond to the leaders together. I have seen people voting for the candidate whom their friends and relatives had voted. The fear of minor discrimination like "what if the Party that i vote for doesn't win? I might be in loss of being discriminated" makes every individual vote for the ones whom their relatives and coleagues have voted for. The youths are too advanced that hardly few have the basic idea of how to choose a better leader.

The policy makers as well must be fair enough to think about the citizens welfare while in the process of making the policies. I would like to thank all those people (includes leaders and citizens as well) who have actively participated in the decision making process and helped nation as a whole in some way. At the same phrase i would like to add that the other section of people must also realize things and act upon it in order to achieve the goal and vision of our beloved King "GROSS NATIONAL HAPPINESS"

"I voted for the deserved"

"I'm happy because i voted for the right leader"

"I would do anything to keep our nation safe and peace. Voting was one of it"

This is what i expect to hear and i'm sure this is also what you expect to hear as well???

Sweet... Cute... or some love story... :P

Dear Heart, 

Little hurry  i was and promt was the situation when we first met. I would not say that i died several deaths to meet a girl like you.. I would not flatter you with the most extra-spiced words, i would just want you to feel the feeling i feel for you.. It may not be like the deepest feeling that Romeo felt for Juliet nor what Shakespeare felt for his best friend in every work of his, but i assure you that it isn't bad at all. I recommend this poem to you... Hope you will like it... I don't have utmost words or things that i can say and do for you. But i have this little heart that beats for you :D

It ain't easy to live without you, 
Ain't that easy to let you go. 

It ain't easy to say goodbye, 
Ain't that easy to stop missing you. 

It ain't easy to stop thinking about you, 
Ain't that easy to breathe without you. 

It ain't easy to stay cold hearted, 
Ain't that easy to stay without hugging you,

It ain't easy...
Ain't that easy...

I don't know what is it that goes on between us, Is it the click, is it something else?? Well, i thought its lot better to be happy with what i feel and not keep wondering what is it and be in complication. Just because it is so HUGE to be called friendship and TOO little to be called Love... 

Not many days and not many moments we have spent together but those we spent are worth the moment to live for. I just feel,  in life, everything is perfect when you don't have the taglines for a relationship. When we tend to say "we are couples", we happen to keep conditions and open a gateway to misunderstandings and fights. But when we just live life with whatever it is, without any names to it, it's just perfect to live on and smile. 

I may not love you like a lover, may not protect you as a husband, understand you as a friend but i promise i would always be there for you as a person more important to you compared to those mentioned above. :D

Sonam :D

Sunday, January 6, 2013

I'm Into you

Too Deep, Too down
Too Big, Too Fast
Too Strong, Too high...

I am Into You :)

So much, so quick, 

So hard, so tough, 
So much pain, So much tears
We've been through, 
Yet, I'm still into you...

With fate, with Luck, 

With Love, With Care, 
With Smile, With God's Grace, 
I will always be into you...

Clock clicking clockwise,

Pushing, passing, punching, 
Making me mad more and more, 
Madly Missing Moments, 
So sad, So Soft, So sorrow...

I'm Still into you :D

Friday, January 4, 2013

Chase a ripple

It is always said, when tears roll down your chick, it is the picture of you being sad. And when you are outspoken and laughing at your top voice, predicts that you are extremely happy. But for me it is the other way round. Tears roll down when i want to show the world that i am happy. I laugh when there are deep hidden secrets inside me. It is too complicated to understand what is life all about. Is it the things that we do everyday is called life? Or is the emotions that we tend to feel every now and then?
I look at the sun rays and try feel the warmth, i get the vibe that when life is too dark to be seen, a sunlight always break through the darkness and show us the right path. We just got to wait and wait and wait. Which of course i am not able to do. Every single individuals has their own way of judging people and life at last. I got my own philosophy. We feel that someone who knows the perfect story about you is none other than yourself....but the fact reveals that we are the most confused person among all when it is to talk about yourself. We are different and we become different with each individual we meet. Multi-personality is a defect or sickness (according to the majority of people) but actually we all are the victims of such sickness.
Happiness is just another myth that we know. You think it exist but it doesn't. Sadness has always ruled over our minds. Just because we want it. We are not at all happy with our life. Complains and demands are the usual activities of humans.
Hoping for a change and a positive change for the greenery world to live in. No complains to life and life will treat you exactly the way you want it. It will shower love and happiness if you start thinking that life is beautiful. Don't forget to thank life for what it has given to you.

Peace out. !!!


Dear Diary,

"looking back just a barren land,

Deserted life and bustling me...

Now, barren filled with trees,

Deserts with life, 

And me with you...

Diffrent me diffrent you,

Common us,together we,

Creating a small world,

world of our own 

you,me, and us,

just love care and hugs...

With Love

Sonam :)

All in one :D


Colors in the Monochrome

small to us and world to them

awesome things are alys small...we got to make it large

sky is the limit


perfect mother earth

The cloud made me click it

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Let me Be ..a Documentary I Directed in the year 2011





WeLCoME  2013





Dear dad,
Its me Sonam, few days back, the coll breeze took me for a walk with it. I saw a child crying for a chocolate. He was pulling his dad as hard as he could. so ummm... i just went back to the days when i used to force you to buy me exactly the same toy that my friends used to have. ha ha ha, memories u know!I assume to take my first walk and step this mighty earth holding your gracious hands.... aaahhh... Sources (Mom) said that i even dropped my first urine on your clothes. I know its funny but itholds a great emotion in it. I broke your trust several times, let you down many a times... but you stood by me every time i fell weak. I can never think of avoiding the fact that you have been through loads for me and mom... waking up all night just to watch me sleep. making my every wish come true and never  letting me feel left out. thank you dad for everything. It might be just another word but this "thank you" has my deep heart felt gratitude for you. This "Thank you" has tears that will always make you smile. I promise to be a good son and a better human.

Yours son

A little innocence and a little attitude