Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Sweet... Cute... or some love story... :P

Dear Heart, 

Little hurry  i was and promt was the situation when we first met. I would not say that i died several deaths to meet a girl like you.. I would not flatter you with the most extra-spiced words, i would just want you to feel the feeling i feel for you.. It may not be like the deepest feeling that Romeo felt for Juliet nor what Shakespeare felt for his best friend in every work of his, but i assure you that it isn't bad at all. I recommend this poem to you... Hope you will like it... I don't have utmost words or things that i can say and do for you. But i have this little heart that beats for you :D

It ain't easy to live without you, 
Ain't that easy to let you go. 

It ain't easy to say goodbye, 
Ain't that easy to stop missing you. 

It ain't easy to stop thinking about you, 
Ain't that easy to breathe without you. 

It ain't easy to stay cold hearted, 
Ain't that easy to stay without hugging you,

It ain't easy...
Ain't that easy...

I don't know what is it that goes on between us, Is it the click, is it something else?? Well, i thought its lot better to be happy with what i feel and not keep wondering what is it and be in complication. Just because it is so HUGE to be called friendship and TOO little to be called Love... 

Not many days and not many moments we have spent together but those we spent are worth the moment to live for. I just feel,  in life, everything is perfect when you don't have the taglines for a relationship. When we tend to say "we are couples", we happen to keep conditions and open a gateway to misunderstandings and fights. But when we just live life with whatever it is, without any names to it, it's just perfect to live on and smile. 

I may not love you like a lover, may not protect you as a husband, understand you as a friend but i promise i would always be there for you as a person more important to you compared to those mentioned above. :D

Sonam :D

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