Thursday, January 3, 2013

Dear dad,
Its me Sonam, few days back, the coll breeze took me for a walk with it. I saw a child crying for a chocolate. He was pulling his dad as hard as he could. so ummm... i just went back to the days when i used to force you to buy me exactly the same toy that my friends used to have. ha ha ha, memories u know!I assume to take my first walk and step this mighty earth holding your gracious hands.... aaahhh... Sources (Mom) said that i even dropped my first urine on your clothes. I know its funny but itholds a great emotion in it. I broke your trust several times, let you down many a times... but you stood by me every time i fell weak. I can never think of avoiding the fact that you have been through loads for me and mom... waking up all night just to watch me sleep. making my every wish come true and never  letting me feel left out. thank you dad for everything. It might be just another word but this "thank you" has my deep heart felt gratitude for you. This "Thank you" has tears that will always make you smile. I promise to be a good son and a better human.

Yours son

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