Sunday, February 24, 2013


I know i don't have cash in my hand but "hell i want that"
Well, where demands never end is what we call it HUMAN MIND...
We know that we cannot have it more than a point but human mind wants more....
Nothing is enough for us.....but too much of anything is not a good thing...

 You know you are not suppose to fall in love with your best friend, but you do..
That's not your fault, that's your mind... you can't help it. Your heart and mind wants more of it and land up doing things that aren't suppose to happen..

He/She loves you truly and you realize it. But when you see him or her talking to someone of opposite makes you go nuts and land up taking out useless questionnaires and arguments.

You always dream of having a luxurious know... laptops, Television set, i-phones, i-pods and not to forget the good clothes.... Sadly you don't have cash or you cannot afford it... but the good thing is you never give up dreaming knowing it can never be fulfilled...

I know guys... this writing is a total discouragement to all of you but humans usually would agree to what i wrote above... and if you don't agree then god knows what are you..... lolz... kidding guys.... well if you have comments and you have extra points to add...then you are most welcomed.... comment here below.....


  1. A nice post, Casper! Keep writing and here I would love to read more from you.

  2. Lovely article Sonam. Keep blogging